Why Declawing Cats is Inhumane

I liken declawing cats to having the tips of your fingers chopped off. I apologize for being so blunt, but that is the closest way I can relate declawing cats to us as humans. It is as inhumane as sterilization as a way of how to stop cats from spraying.

Cats are born with their claws. They use them daily as well as for self-defense when necessary. Claws are like a cat’s fingernails.

As humans, we use our hands, fingers, and fingernails every day. They are easily taken for granted. Also, once a cat is declawed it can never fully protect itself thus they are bound to live indoors for the rest of their lives.

In rare cases, it may be necessary to declaw a cat because of medical reasons such as having a tumor in the pad of the foot or an abscess. Other than that, a cat is born with claws and has every right to keep them just we have the right to keep our fingertips or fingernails.

What is the Process for Declawing Cats?

The process for declawing cats varies. One method often used is referred to as the guillotine method. The guillotine method involves using a blade to cut through the bone which the claw is attached to. They must also cut through part of the pad as well to makes sure the claw is completely removed.

The risks that go along with declawing cats run high as they are unable to sterilize the area. This can lead to infection and severe pain for the cat.

Other techniques used in declawing cats involve using a laser, and the final one I am familiar with also uses a curved blade but does not involve cutting through the pad. Either way, claw and bone are removed. The cat is left without a piece of themselves that they were born with, and the cat goes through a tremendous amount of pain during the recovery process which can take up to 6 weeks or longer for a full recovery.

Why Do People Declaw Cats?

One of the main reasons why people declaw their cats is to avoid having furniture and other household items being scratched and tattered by their cats. Other unusual and rare cases may involve medical issues with the cat such as a tumor in their padding.

While it can be difficult to train grown cats not to claw at furniture, kittens are easily trainable. Kittens can be trained to use a scratch post which can be found just about anywhere relatively inexpensive. Not only that, the money saved on furniture is worth paying to have a kitten trained to use a scratch post.

Why isn’t Declawing Cats illegal?

Declawing cats is actually illegal in several countries such as the U.K. and Australia. Why it hasn’t been made illegal in all other countries is beyond me. Like I said, there are some rare circumstances when declawing a cat is necessary such as medical issues.

Final Thoughts on Declawing Cats

If you were thinking about declawing your cat I really hope you will reconsider. There is no value to the cat. Your cat will be in pain during the recovery process. Declawing cats is inhumane and needs to be made illegal.

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