Often there are questions about the strategy more or less important, fundamental elements more or less, to improve our performance, as well as our body composition.

What would be your answer to this question: which of the following strategies is most effective to achieve significant improvements in the shortest possible time at the physical level, that level of performance?

1. change your workout

2. change the diet/nutrition

3. introduce supplements

4. all three are equally important

The answer is the number 3. Here’s why: cambiarae exercise, or diet, will allow us to get the results for a few weeks or months. On the contrary, the introduction of supplements “immediate” effect on our performance.

The majority of us is not Rich Froning or Annie Thorisdottir, but the right integration, coupled with our determination and hard work, can help us achieve better shape.

We show below the 5 supplements that we consider to be most important for athletes who practice Crossfit, chosen according to the following criteria:



Quoting Dr. Lem Taylor, the body is in a constant state of “Roller-Coaster Ride” (that perpetually “roller coaster”), floating between the catabolic state (= protein deprivation can cause a weakened and further tearing of) and anabolic (the collection of processes of synthesis or bioformazione of organic molecules). When we subject to very intense and frequent workouts you need to take a bigger amount of protein, necessary for anabolism.

Fast absorbing proteins, the choice will fall between the whey (milk serum), preferably the meat protein hydrolysate, or, particularly for those who follow a paleo diet. To combat nighttime catabolism, caseins or egg proteins, for those who make paleo.

2. BCCA (branched chain amino acids)

The three BCAA, Leucine, isoleucine, and valine, when ingested orally, entering quickly into the bloodstream. The main function is to regulate muscle protein synthesis, promoting the regeneration of muscle fibers and then recovery.

Another very important aspect is that the BCAA reduce the level of cortisol, which if it is too high results in:

A high level of cortisol leads to resistance to leptin (the hormone), favouring increased levels of cortisol. It’s a vicious cycle!

In summary, there is evidence that BCAAS are useful because they promote protein synthesis, increased stamina and strength, lean muscle mass development, reduction of body fat and cortisol levels.

crossfit supplements


There are countless Rachael Ray for garcinia cambogia slim studies demonstrating the effectiveness of creatine in improving sports performance. Four data:

In conclusion, creatine increases the strength and power, develops muscle mass and delays the onset of neuromuscular fatigue. Some of the more recent research suggest that creatine might also have some anti-inflammatory properties.


There are dozens and dozens of supplements, but unless you have a goose that laid golden ouva, you must pay attention to prices. For this we recommend a good multivitamin/Multimineral, combining in one produced a series of important nutrients, such as:

Vitamin C: several studies have showed that its antioxidant properties slow down muscle fatigue and help fight free radicals

Vitamin D3: the D3 is vitamin D group used by the body to strengthen the immune system

Football: is the most abundant mineral in the body and is essential for healthy bones and muscle contractions

Iron: low levels of iron adversely affect sporting performance/physics, in particular in women, because iinteragiscono directly with VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake) of an individual, which is closely related to the amount of oxygen carried by the blood.

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