Personalized diets, protein and balanced

Nutritional paths made by the specialists of the Center to deal with cases of overweight and obesity often relate to people that after long periods of hard diet lost just a few ounces of weight. It is then to realize:

Custom power corrections

Diettherapies specifications

Forms of support to the diet with integrated lipo-metabolism stimulation and fat reduction

To ensure a healthy weight newlifebotanicals garcinia cambogia reviews loss, maintaining good skin tone and avoid the effect “deflated balloon” are joined to the paths of specific dietary treatments. In particular this is radio frequency, Laser, Hydroforterapia and compacting techniques and toning of skin or carboxy therapy.

The Center provides its patients the support necessary to successfully stabilize the results achieved for the next two years to achieve the weight-form.

Integrated programme

The diet plan was formulated in an accurate manner to provide the body with everything it needs but at the same time a low in calories that allows the body to get rid of excess fat.

The Genesy uses integrated products and diet therapy supplements certified SDM (Medical Nutrition Society) which provide all necessary substances to the wellbeing of the individual and the natural reduction of hunger. This is the fastest and most effective way to lose weight and fluid retention, without lean mass and cell metabolism.

Zone Diet

High insulin levels are responsible for weight gain and associated pathological conditions of impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes. Insulin fluctuations following a meal high glycemic index cause drowsiness and fatigue post-meal and induce further hunger, sparking a vicious cycle of mental and physical fatigue and weight gain.

The zone diet is a diet that accompanies the body within the “comfort zone” in which hormone levels, and insulin in particular, remain in physiological balance. The body benefits in terms of clarity, quality of sleep, muscle elasticity and weight loss. The zone diet slows aging process, reduces blood cholesterol levels and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Diet Star Guo

Starguo is a line of supplements that are designed to contribute to weight loss-calorie diets. By analyzing the composition of Starguo we note the presence of several leguminous crops (soybeans, beans) very rich in proteins, with the aim of replacing animal protein from meat.

The use of Starguo combined with specific dietary plans allows you to achieve fast results in terms of weight loss; and combined with an adequate homeopathic therapy to “ground” is able to “clean up” by the accumulation of toxins and allows fast results in terms of well-being.

The goal of Starguo is to obtain and maintain an ideal weight, along with the preservation of a State of being of the organism as a whole.

Montignac Diet

The Montignac diet or food is non-restrictive Montignac method which basically consists in eliminating foods with a high glycemic index.

According to this dietary pattern each food high glycemic index causes an excessive increase in blood sugar and therefore causes the body to secrete plenty of insulin, the hormone member to lower blood glucose in the blood but at the same time also helps fat tissues, causing nesting so overweight and obesity.

The Montignac diet involves two phases; the first is the stage of emaciation, while the second is the stabilizing phase and prevention.

Kousmine Diet

Kousmine nutrition program is based on some fundamental assumptions as the body by reducing acidosis eliminating animal fats and hydrogenated ones, the Elimination of added sugar and all refined foods and light limitation of milk, milk products and cheeses, opting for legumes and whole grains as a source of protein, and decrease salt intake and avoid all the food stored called “dead.

The method relies also on intestinal hygiene in order to facilitate the proper functioning of the immune system, nutritional integration often is lacking due to insufficient absorption caused by intestinal disorders, antibiotic treatment, chemotherapy etc, and psycho-social counselling.

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