Dieting with APPS: the 3 BEST APPS for WEIGHT LOSS

You know, to go on a diet you should apply … Nothing better then an application that accompany us along the path of the remise en forme. And saw that Carnival has just gone and that most of the sweets we ate were fried, we can take advantage of the Lenten season to lose half a stone.

applications for weight loss

From the top of the experience of a thousand diets started and stopped within a week at most, I can tell you that it is not easy to carry on a diet diet. Perhaps (and I stress perhaps, because in my case it didn’t help much) use of apps will make you a stimulus or at least a reminder. Of course the app store are not short of app for weight loss with one of the most diverse diets, exercise and healthy recipes. I’ve tried three, very different, but I’ve downloaded other waiting to be tried after the next shock to scale.

App for diet: your food diary

Myfitnesspall is a calorie counter. After registering and entering data (weight, height, sedentary lifestyle or active, goal), calculates the daily energy requirements, detailed among proteins, carbohydrates, fats, sugars. Does not indicate, however, a diet to follow: it’s up to us to put the food eaten at every meal and record nutritional data, drawing on a rich database (via search or scan the barcode of products).

Myfitnesspal Logo

Besides that we can enter the physical activity, synchronizing with other apps like Runtastic. It is ideal for those who don’t want to follow a strict diet, but wants to keep tabs on the calories in his usual meals (often with fast weight loss meal plans free shocking revelations). However, in the long run you can get tired of having to update the diary meal after meal, especially in the case of more elaborate recipes. I still remember when I had to calculate the calories of meatballs …

Your personalized diet (Mediterranean)

Made under the supervision of the Italian society of food science, Red Apple is one of the most used applications in Italy. After entering the data, Red Apple makes a detailed diet which will be updated each week, until they reach the goal you have set for ourselves. From the diet can also exclude two foods that we do not want to include (too bad there are no intolerances). Very useful even a shopping list of the week, processed automatically according to our diet. And if you aren’t ready to follow a diet, on the website you will find light recipes and tips to keep you fit and healthy eating.

melarossa logo

App for weight loss: your personal trainer diet

In order to follow a diet, the motivation is crucial. And that’s exactly what makes my Diet Trainer: motivates. Just set their own challenges and reminders to turn your smartphone into a cricket that through notifications reminds us to drink more water; eating more vegetables; to do exercise. The app also allows you to set motivational picture and gives advice in case of unexpected motivation or drops (like family lunches or sudden bouts of emotional eating). Upon the completion of the challenges, the app would “reward” with virtual accessories to dress our avatars. In the pro version, our personal coach is enriched with the most useful functions, such as controlling weight and calorie counter.

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