Dark chocolate for weight loss: diet

Despite being regarded as a food too palatable and calorie, dark chocolate is a treat that you should not give up when you are following a diet to lose weight. According to the law, to be called “fondant” chocolate must respond to specific requirements: it can only contain cocoa, which must represent 43% of minimum weight, cocoa butter and sugar. The “fudge purwo” is one that does not contain other vegetable fats: it is this type that Supreme garcinia cambogia extrac weight loss pills fits for a weight loss diet.

Chocolate is a food that is obtained from the seeds of the cacao tree, Theobroma cacao: a really ancient origins, according to the most recent botanical research, dating back more than 6,000 years ago. The first to cultivate the plant for food were the Mayans in 1,000 b.c. In Europe the chocolate only arrived in 1585.

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Since then it has a food enjoyed by most consumers and among the most used in confectionery for preparing homemade sweets and snacks, crafts and industrial. Is also known to be pretty caloric: 100 g of dark chocolate contain 546 kcal, made mostly from carbohydrates, which account for 60% of the weight. Fairly high is also the amount of fat, 30% of the weight, while it is relatively low in protein, only 5% of the weight.

Despite the caloric intake, regular consumption of chocolate has been shown to have health benefits and also for diet.

The benefits of chocolate


Cocoa via Pixabay

The dark chocolate is a food rich in polyphenols, molecules known for their antioxidant qualities and protective against cardiovascular disease. Good also the contribution of alkaloids such as theobromine and caffeine, and serotonin. All these molecules are differently involved in biological reactions that serve to maintain a good mood. Theobromine, also helps to create chocolate vasodilatory properties and stimulant. The dark chocolate is also a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin E and magnesium.

To make sure all the benefits of this food is preferable to choose the one that has the greatest percentage of cocoa, at least 80%, prepared with only cocoa butter.

Lose weight with dark chocolate


Diet via Pixabay

Some research has shown that the consumption of chocolate during a slimming diet, therefore low caloric intake, promotes weight loss. An excerpt from about 40 g, 218 10% increase in overall loss kcal weight. Chocolate referenced studies contains the 80% cacao and is “bitter”, that is low in sugar. The best time to drink it is during breakfast. The rest of the meals must obviously take into account the intake of carbohydrates and calories than chocolate, so that in the day you consume food poor especially in simple sugars.

Chocolate slimming action is probably due to the contribution of polyphenols, caffeine and theobromine. All these components also help to lower bad cholesterol levels and decrease glucose uptake.

Dark chocolate and diet: daily pattern

The weight loss program with dark chocolate typically involves a low-calorie food pattern, circa 1400-1500 kcal. Here’s how it would be a daily menu:

Breakfast: 1 plain yogurt, 30 g of whole grains, coffee or tea without sugar and 40 g of dark chocolate;

Snack: 1 Apple;

lunch: 1 portion from 60 g of whole wheat pasta with fresh tomato sauce and 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, 250 of seasonal vegetables steamed seasoned with spices and 1 teaspoon of olive oil, a portion from 30 g cream cheese thin or 50 g of fresh tofu;

Snack: 150 of fresh pineapple;

dinner: a dish consisting of 100 g of baked fish with citrus fruits served with fresh seasonal vegetables and 30 g of whole wheat bread.

This is a diagram of maxim which should never be followed independently: every diet slimming purposes should be recommended by dietician.

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