Holliday Villa to rent in Javea

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Javea-Costa Blanca


The Costa Blanca is one of the regions in Spain that attracts millions of tourists every single year. Javea and Denia are two cities which are located in the north of Costa Blanca. They are situated at the bottom of a mountain providing wonderful scenery to the tourists and the local residents.  

Some other towns that neighbors Javea include Gandia, Oliva, Moraira, Benissa and Teulada. The Costa Blanca goes down to Torrevieja and Guardamar. One can basically travel along since the Carretera national goes all the way alongside the coastline of Costa Blanca.

There are quite a number of beautiful small villages, which give Costa Blanca its unique attraction. In addition, the coastal towns have enough restaurants and entertainment places that make tourists spend even more time in Costa Blanca. Other attractions include bays and theme parks such as Terra Mitica.

It is advisable get a good Costa Blanca map to ensure that you have more information about the area that you can visit. For the lovers of sports, especially golf, there are a couple of golf courses available in the area. One of the best places to find tourist information is through the use of online platform and also at the airport before leaving for a given destination.

There are several villa holidays in Javea that one can rent at affordable prices. However the rates of charges do vary depending on where a villa or an apartment located. It also depends on the availability of amenities or facilities in these buildings. One thing that is worth noting is that there are enough hotels in the region. However most of the hotels are located along the coastline.

It is not a challenging task to find a nice hotel in Javea. This is because most of these hotels are of high standards offering quality services to their clients. The staff is well trained and professional enough for any tourist visiting Javea.

In addition, most of the villa rentals in Javea are usually in high demand especially in summer. This also applies to Javea Hotels. It is thus recommendable to do early booking through travel agencies or online. At the same tie one should do some home work on the kind of hotel he wishes to stay in during holiday.

However, not everyone is comfortable staying in a hotel. To this end, one can look out for holiday rentals in Javea which have almost everything that one needs in his stay. Many of the available villas are fixed with air conditioners to control temperatures in your rooms. At the same time security is ensured by the private and public entities. Travelling from one place to another can be done through hiring a car or even a taxi. These services are readily available in Javea. However the most advisable method is   having your own car. This gives you freedom of exploring Javea at your convenient times. But the best holiday villa rentals in Javea are located along the coastline. This does not negate availability of good rentals houses inland.



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Benidorm Circus

Benidorm Circus

Benidorm circus is a fabulous colourful and vibrant affair that you and your whole family can enjoy. You can find the Big Top in the large parking area in the beautiful and historic grounds of Benidorm palace. The circus caters for everyone with a hall, a bar serving food and drink, and of course provides as much fun packed into an afternoon as you can handle!

The circus opens its doors to welcome in hundreds of locals and tourists alike every Sunday. The history of the circus was passed on from China, Egypt and Greece where large arenas were built for the purpose of entertaining the masses. For example there were horse races, people showing off unusual and exotic colourful animals from different parts of the world, or skilled jugglers and acrobats brought from all parts of the Empire to entertain the crowds. Some of the most famous circuses come from Roman times such as the Circus Maximus whose remains have helped archaeologists to pull together an idea of what the old Roman circuses were like.

Benidorm circus was originally an animal circus. However this has now been replaced with a new more modern kind of circus where no animals are involved in any of the acts. The team behind the circus have come up with plenty of exciting and fresh new ideas to keep all of their guests entertained. The famous Cirque de Soleil was involved in setting up the new routines which contain all of the old favourites combined with new magnificent and awe inspiring sequences.

There are jumping jugglers, magical magicians, athletic acrobats, and breath-taking balancing acts which will appeal to both old and young people from all different cultures all over the world. The acts come from some of the best circuses around making Benidorm circus a truly unique, creative and fabulous show. Visually the show is outstanding in part because of the incredibly distinctive and colourful costumes the entertainers wear. The music is original and is live combining the talents of artists from street musicians to opera, from ballet to rock. Although traditionally the circus was directed at children, this new modern show will delight both adults and children alike.

You will meet larger than life characters such as Monsieur Loyal, the Head of the Circus who plays the strict yet majestic leader of the group. Freya the talented singer, Elena the dancer and juggler, and of course no circus would be quite complete without Daddy the clown.


Benidorm circus truly is a must see stop if you are visiting the city. With its friendly welcoming atmosphere and spectacular acts such as trapeze artists, juggling and balancing acts and of course the all-important clown, It is a great day out for all the family and an event not to be missed!



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Aitana safari park

Aitana safari park

Aitana Safari Park is a great way to spend a day and is brilliant fun for all the family. Situated in Penáguila 1.020 meters above the sea level, it provides incredible views of the mountain ranges that form the Sierra da Aitana.

The Safari park sits on a mountain plateau and offers plenty to see and do. A wide selection of exotic animals call this home, and visitors are invited to watch them roam in their natural habitats. There is also a smaller zoo specifically aimed at children known as the Daktari Park, where they can pet new born animals. The mini zoo also features a little train and go carts, and a fantastic seal and dolphin show that is extremely popular amongst visitors, particularly younger children.

The park also prides itself on its educational information featuring placards with information about the biology of the animals. So as well as having a great fun day out you also can learn about the nature of these animals and children are encouraged to respect the animals and learn about the wildlife around them.

Take a drive through the natural terrain and see if you can spot the wild tigers, lions, wolves, zebras, ostriches, apes and monkeys that live there.  It is important of course to keep the windows up at all times when near the predators, even in the hottest summer days! There are occasions however where you are allowed to come out of the car, to get a better look at the animals, or simply to feel like you are in the wild with them! The guides will advise you to stay near the car at all times but to step outside as long as the animals remain quite far away. (This obviously does not apply when in the tiger and lion areas!)

The park also features a restaurant serving traditional Spanish food as well as a picnic area if you prefer to dine al fresco. If you are more interested in feeding the animals than feeding yourself then make sure you drive round during the daily feeding time (which is usually 3pm).

Aitana Safari park opens every day of the week throughout the year, and no matter what time of year you come you are sure to see some fascinating creatures and learn some interesting facts about wildlife and nature. The park is situated near the village of Sella, around 33km inland from Benidorm, and around an hour’s drive from Alicante, entrance costs 17 euros which is very good value for money so well worth a visit if you are nearby.


Aitana Safari park is a great place to visit which will entertain you and your whole family. Here you can take a safari around the grounds and try to spot the many different species of animal that call this home. The staff are warm and friendly and very knowledgeable and will be able to give you advice on where best to spot animals and how to approach them. The park is situated on a breath-taking mountain plateau so even if for nothing else, go for the spectacular views –they’re worth it!




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