Benidorm Circus

Benidorm Circus

Benidorm circus is a fabulous colourful and vibrant affair that you and your whole family can enjoy. You can find the Big Top in the large parking area in the beautiful and historic grounds of Benidorm palace. The circus caters for everyone with a hall, a bar serving food and drink, and of course provides as much fun packed into an afternoon as you can handle!

The circus opens its doors to welcome in hundreds of locals and tourists alike every Sunday. The history of the circus was passed on from China, Egypt and Greece where large arenas were built for the purpose of entertaining the masses. For example there were horse races, people showing off unusual and exotic colourful animals from different parts of the world, or skilled jugglers and acrobats brought from all parts of the Empire to entertain the crowds. Some of the most famous circuses come from Roman times such as the Circus Maximus whose remains have helped archaeologists to pull together an idea of what the old Roman circuses were like.

Benidorm circus was originally an animal circus. However this has now been replaced with a new more modern kind of circus where no animals are involved in any of the acts. The team behind the circus have come up with plenty of exciting and fresh new ideas to keep all of their guests entertained. The famous Cirque de Soleil was involved in setting up the new routines which contain all of the old favourites combined with new magnificent and awe inspiring sequences.

There are jumping jugglers, magical magicians, athletic acrobats, and breath-taking balancing acts which will appeal to both old and young people from all different cultures all over the world. The acts come from some of the best circuses around making Benidorm circus a truly unique, creative and fabulous show. Visually the show is outstanding in part because of the incredibly distinctive and colourful costumes the entertainers wear. The music is original and is live combining the talents of artists from street musicians to opera, from ballet to rock. Although traditionally the circus was directed at children, this new modern show will delight both adults and children alike.

You will meet larger than life characters such as Monsieur Loyal, the Head of the Circus who plays the strict yet majestic leader of the group. Freya the talented singer, Elena the dancer and juggler, and of course no circus would be quite complete without Daddy the clown.


Benidorm circus truly is a must see stop if you are visiting the city. With its friendly welcoming atmosphere and spectacular acts such as trapeze artists, juggling and balancing acts and of course the all-important clown, It is a great day out for all the family and an event not to be missed!



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